• Mandatory audit of individual and consolidated annual accounts
  • Audit of intermediate financial statements
  • Voluntary audit of individual and consolidated annual accounts
  • Legal compliance audit
  • Audit of government business enterprises
  • Audit of public foundations

Internal Audit

  • Internal Audit Committee
  • Budget compliance controller
  • Preparation of internal audit regulation

Company Assessment

  • Planning in internationalization processes
  • Advisory services for expatriate and inpatriate managers
  • Advisory services for Spanish investments abroad
  • Advisory services for foreign investments in Spain, particulary the establishment of foreign company branches/subsidiaries in Spain

Accounting/Financial Due Diligence

  • Merger and acquisition processes
  • Company purchase/sale processes
  • Joint ventures

Special Reports and Limited Reviews

  • Reports on agreed procedures
  • Commercial reports: capital increases, capital reduction, etc.
  • Internal control reviews reports
  • Limited reviews of financial statements or annual accounts
  • Expert reports or opinions
  • Independent expert reports
  • Subsidies and state aid control reports

Financial Management Consulting

  • External financial management
  • Strategic financial reports
  • Project Finance
  • Investment analysis
  • Leverage optimization

Startups & Business Angels Lawyers

The continuous growth in the startup sector had led us to create this initiative with the sole purpose of enabling new projects to benefit from the experience of our firm with multidisciplinary team of professionals. A comprehensive success-based consulting service so that small startups do not have to spend their capital on advisory services.

The firm selects the projects in wich to provide these services and helps raise capital and synergies from among the firm’s clients, with the sole purpose of creating value for the startups. Our clients, trusting our experience and advice, invest in small projects selected by the firm.

The aim of our “Business Angels” initiative is to collaborate with private investors and provide smart capital, i.e., not just also support for entrepreneurs, consisting of, firstly, and expert legal advisor, and, secondly, providing access to a network of contacts, which is vital during the entrepreneur´s initial years, because they cannot pay for consultants or pay to access contact networks to enable their business to grow.

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