Specialized Tax Advice

  • Accounting and Bank Reconciliation
  • Elaboration and presentation of the autonomous
  • Elaboration and presentation of quarterly and yearly taxes (VAT, withholdings…)
  • Corporate tax
  • Linked operations

Remuneration of executives and managers

  • Design of efficient remuneration systems in the accounting and fiscal level
  • Design of Stock Options plans

International taxation

  • Planning in internationalization processes
  • Advice to expatriate and expatriate executives
  • Advising Spanish investments abroad
  • Advising on foreign investments in Spain, especially the establishment of branches/subsidiaries in Spain of foreign companies

Taxation restructuring Business

  • Fiscal regime of business restructuring operations
  • Fiscal consolidation Regime
  • Tax regime of dissolution and liquidation of companies and distribution of dividends
  • Advice on Due Diligence processes
  • design, preparation and execution of fusion operations, Division, exchange of Securities and non-monetary contributions
  • Planning structure Holding

Tax obligations Advice

  • Income tax for individuals (income taxes)
  • Inheritance Tax settlement
  • Estate planning for tax purposes
  • Elaboration of other tributes and taxes (ITPy AJD, IBI, IAE…)

Taxation of non-residents

  • Non-resident company tax with permanent establishment
  • Non-resident income tax

Inheritance Tax Planning

  • Study and design of asset optimization in inheritance tax and donations
  • Succession tax planning in the family business
  • Liquidation of inheritance and donations tax

Tax procedures

  • Submission of binding consultations to the General Directorate of Taxes
  • Answering requirements and formulating allegations
  • Interposition of resources in administrative way (tax agency and administrative economic tribunals)
  • Value checks by the tax administration
  • Tax inspections (advice and representation)
  • Other obligations to the tax agency (digital certificate application, NIF…)
  • Management of electronic notifications

Development of tax reports


Startups & Lawyers Business Angels

The constant growth that is occurring in the startups sector has led us to create this initiative with the sole purpose of bringing to the service of new projects the experience of the firm as a multidisciplinary team. A comprehensive advisory service linked to the success of the project, without the need for small startups to disbursed capital in the advice.

The firm selects projects to provide such services and promotes the search for capital and synergies with customers of the firm, with the sole purpose of creating value for startups. Our clients, in their confidence in our experience and advice, invest in those projects that are selected by the firm.

Our Business Angels initiative aims to collaborate together with private investors and provide smart capital, that is to say, not only money, but also a support for the consistent entrepreneur, first of all, a specialized legal consultancy, and second Place, an access to a network of contacts that in the first years of the entrepreneur is very important because it can neither pay consultants nor to pay access to networks of contact that they facilitate the growth of its business

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